More Than A Pen

More than a pen

If you do a lot of signing documents, you want a pen that is reliable. Nothing can cause more agitation than the exact moment of wanting to sign check, or legal document and just like that, no ink, or worse, the pen breaks.

Pilot’s Kakuno is a fountain pen that will suit your everyday needs, whether a beginner or advanced user. It is articulated with a design to suit to comfort with grip and ensure the stability in fact that it will not roll away should it be at the edge of a desk.

The cap makes it easily ridable to reach in grasp and allows your fingers to sit in a a naturalistic linguistic correct position.

To ensure the proper hold, there is a smiley face on one end that is always sitting up, it ensures the user is using the proper orientation of fashion. It comes with a black ink cartridges, contrary to the traditional cheaper method of a store bought pen were the ink is not reloadable.

The ink’s color is manufactured as black although the pens come in a variation of color. With a length of 13.1 cm and the manufacturer as Pilot, we are backed by a name that you can trust to supply you with your supplies to refill your pen as well as order new ones as well. There are two models made and ink cartridges run around 7.99$. A small sacrifice for quality that will last a lifetime of documents to store and sign throughout your journey of life. Read on pilot kakuno for more details.

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